Currency Margin & Intraday Leverage Enquiry

Is SEBI changing the intraday leverage made in currency trading (intraday) ?. They have imposed reduction in leverage for equity and f&o markets. Want to know whether same kind of reduction in leverage happening in Currency markets (USD/INR Pair).

The new rules apply for all segments, Equity, Currency and Commodity.

Thanks for your reply @ShubhS9.

As of today (12/12/2020) , If i have 1,00,000 Rs in my account i can opt for 52 Lots of USD INR .From 2021 sep , how many lots can i opt for the same amount . will the current lots get reduced substantially , as per SEBI guidelines?

The overnight margin requirements will remain the same, no changes to this. Currently you need around 1900 to take position in one lot of USDINR Futures and with 100k you can take position in 52 lots, from September 2021, it will be the same as margins for overnight positions will not change.

The reduction in leverage is applicable to products like MIS, CO and BO, these are intraday products and offer leverage, if you trade using NRML product type, the margin requirment will be same as before as there is no leverage provided for using NRML.