Currency options weekly expiry

Mostly USDINR weekly options expire on Friday (unless its a trading holiday). But the current week’s expiry was on Thursday in spite of Friday being a trading day. How often does this happen? And how does the exchange decide/fix expiry day for USDINR weekly (and monthly) options?

The weekly expiry was on Thursday this time due to tomorrow being Settlement and Bank Holiday on the eve of Eid-e-Milad.


So essentially it is a settlement holiday but markets will be on. How does this affect our margins on open positions and the positions settled in the expiry yesterday?


Doesn’t affect your margins for open positions. As for positions settled on expiry day, settlement that were supposed to happen on Friday (T+1 day) will now happen on Monday, if it was physical settlement, the shares which you would have received on Monday, you will now receive them on Tuesday instead.