Currency Options

I bought 10 lots of USDINR strike price of 70 Rs at a premium of 0.5,
So my total premium would be 500 Rs + Taxes.

Now consider expiry is tomorrow and LTP for USDINR Nov 70 is 0.8,
which means, if i sell now i’ll get 800 Rs - taxes.

What happens if i let the options expire and the expired prices is 1 rs ??

Thanks in advance.


You get back Rs 1000. So you make a gross profit of Rs 500.

Are there any charges incurred if OTM USDINR options are allowed to expire (position is not actively closed). Are there any charges if ITM USDINR options are allowed to expire ( long or short). I understand that the final settlement price will determine credit/debit and profit/loss etc but are there any charges if ITM options are not actively closed but just allowed to expire.

Since there is no STT in currency trading, there are no extra charges if you let ITM options expire