currency settlement price

I can’t seem to find a good source detailing the settlement of currency options anywhere so, If someone can help out I would be grateful.

According to NSE website currency options are settled on the basis of RBI reference rate for the day, but this is where it gets tricky.
Weekly currency options expire at 12:30 PM and there are two rates which I came across. First is FBIL rate published at 1:30 PM and another is RBI reference rate for the day( I have attached screenshot for the same)

As you can see, for 1 oct there are two different rates, so at which rate actually the contracts gets settled?

The RBI Reference Rate is released by FBIL, so it should be the same on both BSE and NSE website. Looks like NSE updated the rates as of 24th September, which are currently displaying on FBIL website.


Thanks for replying, Yes the rates are same on both BSE and NSE at 1:30 PM.
But at the end of the day due to further movement in USDINR reference rate for the day is changed.
So as my original question, which rate ( 1:30 PM or end of the day) is considered as the final settlement price?

1:30 PM is considered as daily settlement price.

End of day price is dynamic and has no relevance for settlements.

Once again, bse vs nse is not at all relevant for rates fixing.

Thanks a lot for clearing this up.