Currency Trading in India

I am new to trading and have started trading USDINR and currency market due to less margin and low capital requirement.
Any suggestions and lessons will be helpful.

Build consistency. The money you make will look small in the beginning but don’t be disheartened. Think of it as first year in trading college. Spend time to graduate and then increase size when you are ready.

Even though the margin requirement is less the brokerage for trading in 1 lot is Rs. 50 (I’m assuming this will be your starting point with 1 lot). You will need to capture .05 points (consider it 500 points) for break even. Sweet spot seems to be 5 lots for a complete beginner (assuming your risk capacity is well under the limit). Also the momentum once pick ups won’t slow down that easily unlike equity market so make sure you don’t hold onto your stop loss for too long.