Cycle trading

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I have moved to Zerodha from another Broking platform. I was using Cycle trading in that platform. But in Zerodha I do not see a much user friendly charting system. Or may be I am not aware of using the software. Kindly guide me which combinations in the chart tool I could use to perform the Cycle trading.

wait for zerodha pi software , expected in next 10 days , you will forgot all things .

Cycles Trading are measured from bottom to bottom. Every time frame of every
market has a dominant Trading Cycle averaging from 14 to 25 bars as measured in
weeks, days, half days, hours, minutes or ticks. Most Trading Cycles in the stock and
futures markets tend to cluster in the 18 to 22 bar range, averaging 20 bars from
bottom to bottom. In Chart 2, T-Bonds exhibits a daily trading cycle of 21 days from
bottom to bottom. The trading cycle tops and bottoms are indicated by the arrows

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Cycle trading! pls attach the snapshot how it was done in ur previous platform. Zerodha might respond whether they are gng to give that in Pi or not.

When is it expected?

I think it is still Cycling around!

Where can I ask for testing the BETA version of it?