Daily Candle Entry time?

When will daily candle condition entry trigger? Current day or next day opening… if next day opening Can we create conditions for daily close candle at 3:25 pm ??

Hey @Raj_K

Please note that Streak uses OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) data to check your entry-exit conditions. As the OHLC data is only available after the close of the candle, your alerts will be generated after the close of the candle matching your conditions(i.e. open of the next candle).

When you have selected the base time frame as daily then the alerts will be delivered after the close of the current day, now as the market is closed at this time if you act on the alert the order will be rejected and the strategy will stop.

However, you can choose to act on the alert the next day open from the deployed section.

With the base time frame as day, you can not exit at 03:25. You can use the Multi-time frame function and get the alert on a partial candle basis. Refer to the below link to learn about the MTF function-


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Thanks man