Daily Candlestick closing price is not updating in kite chart

Has anyone noticed that since the last 10 days, the daily candlestick closing price of any stocks is not updating in kite chart?

It updates the next morning. It did not happen earlier.

For example,
Today’s, 20 Feb, closing price of nifty is,


But on the chart (daily candle), (4.12 pm)

Nifty > image BankNifty > image

@Karthik @VenuMadhav @Bhuvan

Due to many requests we keep LTP only and will be updated with bhavcopy close during midnight.

:slight_smile: Most of the users might not have even noticed the difference.

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Every other broker update the closing price in the real time. Even on tradingview.com it is updated after 3:30 pm, they don’t wait for the midnight to update it. You should update it asap because we have to do analysis for the next day trade. If you guys can do it early it is very useful to do chart analysis.

no reply?

As mentioned, it will be synced with bhavcopy on EOD basis.

but why at midnight. Others do it at 3.30. Why can’t u?