Daily EOD - Yield to Maturity of Secondary Market Listed Bonds/NCD

Dear All,

Is there any website in INDIA where I can look for Bonds/NCDs, their ratings, YTM, Coupon rate, maturity date etc in one place in a sort-able tabular format?

Please help.


Can you check goldenpi.

Thanks Siva, but is doesnt have all the bonds on the list. If you check most of the bonds are missing. All the bonds where min investment requirement is less then 2L are missing.

Seems like India Debt market is still really immature and nobody wants to promote it.

Agree, we are working something on bonds for retail investors, soon it should be out.


Goldenpi seems to have minimum entry in lakhs… You can buy good bonds in secondary market in thousands…

Can anybody let me know how to get view of all listed bonds in google excel along with YTM?

YTM depends on price,as they are illiquid it would be tough to get any sense based on YTM calculated on LTP.

Ok lets leave aside YTM, how to get the list with live LTP in google excel?

Maybe can check this page.