Daily Trade Journal

Let’s face it and post my daily trades.
So i took only one trade on TataMotors at 11:56 On short side.
Taken only 100 shares with a stop loss of .80 paisa per share.

Why i took the trade cause tatamotor was trending higher and it should exhaust and touch a decent support level of 114.10-114.15 .
For next few minutes it trended in my way reaching down by .60 paisa but then bulls came i was out hitting stop loss.

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Anyway Todays BreakDown

So today i took three trades two in JSWSTEEL one in VEDL only marginal gain… But green is good.
My support and resistance worked well atlest on the Resistance side, But R&R didn’t Worked well. only net profit of RS 49.48 …

How do you choose which stocks to trade in?

Simple i took trade in the range of RS 100-250 , I only do in Nifty50 To get high volatality and volume. I LIke to trade stocks on Trending but my support and resistance gives me opportunity on Reversals. I also had set up a pi scanner on momentum got a few signals but never traded …Thats it. And yes MACD

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:grinning::grinning: @dheeraj Atleast 3 to 4 Bots are roaming here and leaving frequent comments.

Till down 2:20 PM Trying to get a good trade but I was green trailing stop loss hit me hard I will reveal it later with my few bad decision!

Edit 2:41 i am ending my day in red , there is not much thing i can right its better to get stay away from screen