Dark clouds yesterday, bright light today

I had index ETFs which were in profit, and I wanted to sell them as I needed capital for my trading, in the hope of getting better returns.

US markets fell last weekend, and as expected ours fell yesterday, and I sold my ETFs as per my plan. And today the market rose, as you know.

I did see this happening many times before, an immediate rise following a fall. But couldn’t help getting baffled every time this happens, how quickly the mood changes from red to green. And how a retail investor is a puppet in the market’s hands.

Reminds me of a line from a Bond movie - ‘You are kite dancing in a hurricane Mr. Bond’. A retail investor is a kite indeed :kite:


Movie : Spectre…

A retail investor is a kite Indeed.

This line I can expect from a novice investor/trader but not from you. You do say that you have seen this happening many times before, so why Mr.Bond oh I mean 26… GB26… sell an Index ETF which is meant for long term…

Reminds me of Goldfinger, the movie.

Bond tied up to a table: “Do You expect me to talk”
Auric Goldfinger.: No Mr.Bond, I expect you to Die"

Did you expect the market to tank further Mr.26…GB26…

Disclaimer: I just love the franchise - James Bond movies… Seen everyone of the movie, maybe 10 times or more… Have the entire collection… Hated the latest one… No time to Die… where Bond dies…
The theme music is just awesome…composed by Monty Norman…

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I did not say anything more or anything less, except that I get baffled by the extreme reactions of the market, that change from red to green, just in a matter of hours. I am not one bit worried by such moves about my investments or my trades.

Ups and down, swings are very much part of the market, in fact, they are responsible for people to get into and come out of trades, they are opportunities, I know this. The quick change of mood is what makes me puzzled for some time is all my point :grinning:

And of course day traders make a killing on such strong down and up days, and I am sure all such traders here welcome such swings.

Regarding ETFs, although the indices are here to stay, that does not necessarily mean that we should not sell when they are falling (not exactly my case). Say I bought at 100, and it goes to 120, and starts falling week by week, and if I can see a strong selling on the charts, I will very well sell, pocket the gain, and get back at a lower price. I have got some experience doing exactly this. Opportunistic investing, if there exists such a thing.

Of course, if one is busy with work, and the market is inaccessible for days, or don’t like the churn, don’t like getting in and out, or the invested capital is big, and if tenure is very long, for such people, it is not recommended. I don’t have such restrictions, I sell and build the position slowly again, each person’s situation is different.

No offense, but Bond movies are for male audience, in the sense that, they have to be looked at from a male perspective, life of an agent filled with women, vehicles, gadgets, duty, honor, betrayal, surrender, revenge etc., and for the Craig ones, they created a story arc, and so it ended, on a satisfactory note.

Oh. Oh & Oh. and where do you get the source from?

You are at times funny, [email protected]

Anyways, the next bond is rumoured to be likely played by a woman. Talk about bond being a man centric movie.

But i like your opinion. So naive. So boyish. You must be still young.

A young human male. Hmm.

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You really spoke my mind. Damn, how?

Well, today, i can read woman. Just for today.

@GB26 no offense dude. I was rooting out for @Celina .

Have a great day, folks, tqna is getting activity.
Meanwhile someone lost 40 lks.

There is a segment call when will the insanity stop, in youtube, which just talks about these kind deliberate losses.

I normally don’t finished his video. And no i don’t vouch or anything for this guy.

Just to point out, he has a small segment call, when will the insanity stop.

Starts 3:33 in this vid

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I don’t have any source, they started for male audience in the 60s, they still are, of course as the actors who play Bond are suave, debonair, they tend to attract females too. So sure, if you are a girl, you may like them too. I don’t want to go into details, this is not not the forum for that.

Could be, because of all the awareness/activity/perception/changing times etc. Henry Golding was also rumored to be Bond, so ethnicity could be changing too. I don’t know.

I am like you, I guess, a bit older to you too even.

Don’t rub in deeply. I was just playing around with the comment. Maybe poking at you for a little fun.

A light attempt at humor. Not seriously intended at all.

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Alright. I was not serious either. I am not here to prove anything, I am here to learn and chat occasionally, as it is allowed :grinning:


What is this? Geography class? Or weather report? :laughing:

Cell Phones use to give more accurate reports with temperatures as well. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Unfortunately I am human, so all I can present are my emotions :grin:

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We all feel you bruh! Sailing the same boat.

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Just prepare yourself for the ups and downs before you enter the stock market. You may feel quite lost in the beginning but you will surely learn to move and flow in the direction of the wind later on.

Going in the direction of wind means, going without any direction. Going wherever the wind takes you. :grin:

And all of a sudden the wind will turn into dust storm and the dust will go into your eyes.:grinning:

Yes, and when I open my eyes, I will be standing in front of a shopping mall, as the wind took me there, while my original plan was to go to the beach :grin:

And then you realise that you forgot your wallet at home.:grin: