Data on pledged shares and mutual funds


Where can I check number of pledged shares by non-promoter entities in a publicly traded company? On NSE/BSE website I can check the pledged shares by promoters as part of shareholding pattern but I am not able to find this information for non-promoter entities.

Similar to this, where can I get data about number of pledged units for a mutual fund?


Can check this site to know about shares pledged by promoters.



Data about promoters is available on NSE/BSE site also. My question is on non-promoter entities.

Data on pledged securities by promoters might be more critical due to their larger percentage of holdings, and that can have large impact on price in case liquidations by the pledge holders in the events of default etc.

However I am curious if non-promoters also have pledged a stock or mutual fund aggressively for collateral etc. If this also amounts to significant percentage, it entails similar risk as pledges by promoters.


We can’t put both at same level, promoter pledging is more relevant than others, said that if non promoter holding is significant and is pledged then it may have effects but if we can able to track promoter holding / pledging that should do, I believe.