Day-trading/intraday trading in USA Nasdaq, NYSE answered


“Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, you are not able to have margin enabled on your account. You are located in India, so unfortunately, you are not able to have margin capabilities enabled on your account due to their rules and regulations”


Thanks for your reply. It is clear now, with all our questions being answered with this.

Hi, guys , i open directly from india TD ameritrade account , platform is super , here 0 commission , dont open in upstok, icici , or hdfc in these you want to subscribe plan here and every trade they have a commission , but we cannot trade option also ,

if you open direct with TD ameritrade you can invest at 0 commission , you can get colleterial to do covered calls , notch customer services , you will allowed to trade option in limited segments . like IC ,Covered calls, cash secured put , spreads calendar spreads , expect naked selling

dont go for interactive broker its charges are high , LITE plan is only for USA national ,lite plan is absolutely free , for us they provide PRO plan its will charge 5 $ as commission for every trade the platform is more complicated

TDAMERITRADE account will open in 2 days, dont wait for zerodha . TD AMERITRADE is 0 minimum balance


Did you open a cash account or margin account with TD?

Thanks @TradeB2B for the informative post! I have also invested through TD Ameritrade. But when trying to withdraw some funds back to India into my HDFC account, HDFC said TD Ameritrade is blacklisted and it can not accept inward wire transfer.

Have recently withdrawn some money from TD Ameritrade? Which method and which bank did you transfer to?


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@compound I tested on February to withdraw 100 $ from td Ameritrade to IDFC first bank , ya the money was credited on next day itself, ultrafast in IDFC bank

I tried SBI and it worked :slight_smile:

Did you use International Wire Transfer to TD Ameritrade? Also when did you do it?
I used HDFC to wire but they said TD’s Beneficiary is blacklisted. I tried BOI and ICICI they said it ‘might’ be blacklisted for them too.

Are you sure I can do it with SBI?

can we still have a margin account ? but not use margin our trades. is that ok ? any issue/ limits per year to withdraw funds to our Indian banks ?

I can help you. Message me.

please send your email-id.

Check your inbox in tradingqna.

hi, I have trading account with Zerodha, i am doing good with that in india , Now i am in usa , i want to open a trading account there, can i purchase shares of nasdaq like nifty 50

as you live in usa you can very well invest in their markets but will have to get in touch with broker in usa for more details.

If money is not remitted from India, is there any concern for doing intra day trading in us markets while residing in India?

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Well you knows you really shouldn’t take risk of doing this( lol you are taking enough risk,day trading), i guess RBI really keeps track of their wire transfers(especially the ones that are leaving india) and might contact the brokers as to verify whether you use a cash or a margin account!

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Can an NRI daytrade in the US markets using a margin account? Since they are NRI’s the FEMA guidelines shouldn’t apply on them

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Somebody here has done their tax filing in India for US stocks investment? Not sure which schedule or section I need to fill up and rate of conversion. Any help is appreciated?