Days % change for each stocks in holdings in kite mobile

Days % change for each stocks in holdings in kite would be highly useful as it gives an indication of how high or low the average buy price is. Based on this I can quickly decide to buy, sell more. I know this is available in kite web but
please can we have this in kite mobile app too? By what date can we expect this?


Days change in % terms is already displayed in the holdings tab.

Click on the Days’s change column to toggle between percentage and rupee values.

Toggle on day change % column only sorts it from high to low and low to high. The rupees value can be seen only when we hover the cursor over days % change for each stock.

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Sorry this is for mobile app, I should have mentioned this.


It will also be better if you show total holdings days change at the bottom.

There are many requests like this that are not conclusively responded to by zerodha.

@Bhuvan, @nithin, @vm - please, thank you.

Try mobile in Landscape mode… it shows up same layout as in desktop.