Daytrader bought a luxury car

So How are you day traders doing recently. Atleast I know one grandma who bought an Infiniti from day trading profit.

(U know today being F&O expiry day, i generally stay off market if i dont have a position. & Another suggestion for off day: Russian dashcam videos on youtube are the best!)


is this supposed to be a joke or is it real?

Ha ha

I think struggling Indians too turn to Day Trading.

Today lot of graduates out there but very few jobs are available. So unemployed graduates are trying their luck in day trading. And as we know most of them are burning their hands.


wht do u mean by joke. Did u read the full article. Wherever the economy has last jobs like manufacturing / high end services. People are moving to financial markets trading. Japanese top the forex and crypto trading (Japanese economy is on steroid called JGB for more than couple decades). Obviously some do very will like the grandma in the news

Observed ?

She has a passion for trading

She lost all 1 or 2 times but she does not give up.

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What could the jobs in india pay you? Absolutely nothing its like 60000 to 80000 maximum and it’s not enough to pay bills.With trading I could make 60000 to 500000 a week or month.

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