Deactivate f&0 from my account


hehe , how much u lost so far


around 10 lakhs


Doing only intraday? In how many years you, you lost 10 lks.

Just asking, please do not mind,as I am new here.


last 4 years


I read that it takes around 3-4 years to find a way in the market. Hope, you must be seasoned and well experienced.

Please do share your experiences and suggestions. As there is lack of experience traders who shares. Your experiences will help enthusiast’s like me, pretty much.


Just by reading yours… Same story. But not walking back. Good luck with your journey!

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psychology plays vital role in this field. If any one who do not control emotions like fear, greed they will loose. trading systems plays very less importance in my experience. when ever I get loss in opening hours, i am tryi to cover the loss in next trades. but the loss is going big and trade with double triple to pas trades to cover it.


in this my trading journey i lost all my money , time , personal life , joy, friends, whatever I had except hope


I can understand your pain! @ONLYINTRADAY. Your ID says “ONLYINTRADAY” you ain’t talk like that. Just because you lost everything? feeling disappointed?

The biggest failure in life is DEATH. Whatever comes in your path, That’s part of the journey.

Take your time. That’s the only remedy for your pain. TIME is the only thing helps. If this market doesn’t makes sense to you. Well! Best wishes.

Learn then trade! To learn? Just lose! Only world class teacher we have is LOSSES. That’s what i believe. My other friend helps you anytime @anjanbabu


thank you sir for motivated reply

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Anytime for intraday! That draw me your attention! lol @ONLYINTRADAY


sorry. i cant understand


I meant, your ID name ONLYINTRADAY, I’m exited when i see intraday. So that made me to read your post. Nevermind!


Do you do more of - 1) Option buying, 2) Option selling, or 3) Futures buy/sell


@ONLYINTRADAY u have to formally raise a request. How will they close in forum requests


option buying , futures


Did intraday trading after a gap of 5 months and 20 days.


My best wishes to you in future endeavours. Do well.

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The only thing you lost is your “Brain” Not physically, Mentally! You should fix it. I’m damn sure everything will get back once you fix it.

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@ONLYINTRADAY what is the success ratio in your intraday trading?

4 times you are on right direction and 1 time in wrong direction.

Eg: In four time you earn 10,000/- and you loss whole earning in one time.

It happened with me In two weeks I earn 8000/- but in one time i loss whole money.