Dealer Terminal

We are planning to take Zerodha dealer terminal to work as PMS. We require a platforms that supports heavy and faster trading. What are the Charges to get Zerodha dealer terminal facility? Is there any Revenue sharing model also?

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@siva @ShubhS9 can you answer this ?

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We don’t offer any dealer terminal, guess PMS in discretionary model won’t require one. We have PMS clients but all trading is done in one account only.

Being a PMS you should not have any deal with regards to sharing of brokerage.

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i trade in 5 different accounts of my family members .
i want to club all these 5 accounts under one . and want to trade them in all .
e.g. : if i want to buy TCS in 50 shares ; i have to buy it individually in all the accounts separately . BUT , now , i want that whenever i trade ; it should happen in all the accounts simultaneously …

how can i do it ?


is there any tech remedy for this ?

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Tech remedy is straightforward, but regulations don’t allow for brokers to offer this to manage other accounts. A dealer terminal as per regulations can’t be used to manage portfolios. I have written about it earlier.