Debentures in zerodha

How can we buy debentures in zerodha?

If the debentures are Exchange listed, you can add them to Kite just like you would add a stock and then go about placing an order to buy. The instruments may not be liquid, hence please exercise caution.

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I have 1 very basic Question… If I buy a Zero Coupon cumulative interest Bond that was issued 8.5 years ago at a Face Value of Rs 5000, and right now it’s trading at around 9500 and maturity amount is around 11000 in 1.5 years… So assuming no credit risk in the issuing company, I can buy that Bond now from the secondary market and hold in my Demat account till maturity…

And at maturity, the final proceeds will automatically get credited in my Saving Account linked to my Demat, and theoretically I will earn that Rs 1500 difference in my purchase & the maturity price…

As simple as this… and no additional Paper work/Documentation required?

I am a newbie and so trying to understand the concept of secondary market Bonds buying and selling so would appreciate if some one can confirm if my understanding is correct or flawed :slight_smile:

Concept is not clear here, if you say it is zero coupon than what is face value of 5k? and maturity 11k? zero coupon bond will be redeemed at face value on maturity.

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Sorry newbie terminology mistake… Zero Coupon might be the wrong term … Some portals call these as Accrual Bonds and others as Zero Coupon…

Coupon Rate is 9% annually but they don’t pay any amount in-between, only by Maturity that initial 5000 becomes 11000 something… Right now it’s trading at 9500 with 1.5 years to go…

Hope the initial questions becomes more clear now with this additional information?

Yes, in that case you can buy it from secondary markets, no paper work is required, upon maturity money will come to your bank account if there is no default. Also one should check YTM before buying any bond, check that.

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@siva Thanks for the reply, appreciate it!!

So if 9500 is the purchase cost and 11000 is maturity amount then 1500 is the profit per bond for a holding period of 1.5 years, so that’s approximately about 16% overall and 10.5% YTM…

Is this basic top of the head maths calculation correct? Or have I again messed up :frowning:

hey… if I buy a listed bond from Kite, will I get the interest also as paid by issuer ? What is the difference of buying a listed bond from Kite and from buying from another platform dedicated for bonds like Golden Pi ? I could see buying from Kite looks bit cheeper then it is from Golden Pi. Is there any catch ?