Default Order Values settings

@NithinKamath @Zerodha-Staff
Important suggestion here
“User Order Preference Settings”

  1. There should be option in Zerodha Kite where Where user can set Predefined Value for Lot Size, Target, Stoploss.
    Most Important is Lot Size. Because it’s painful to edit lot size eachtime placing order. Instead provide provide this Basic option to user to set Default lot size as user preferences setting.
  2. There should be option in Zerodha Kite where user can set cap to maximum order Value/Price per order.
    This will help user to avoid mistakes. Or set there trading capacity limit.

These 2 User Preferences Settings are must to have. Both will help user and zerodha aswell to stay long in the game.

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Point 2 is something that will happen soon. Predefined stoploss is a little tricky and will take time.

About lot size, the order form saves whatever was the last entered lot size; doesn’t it solve the problem?

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Great Last Entered Lot size is also Great Idea.
Important thing is it should also work on KiteWeb ChartIQ Trades (on Chart).

@Arockiya_Raja @Ananth can we get this done on trade from charts as well?

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