Default Selling Strategy on Zerodha

The default selling strategy on zerodha for delivery as well as intraday seems first taken first sold so if i take a share for 100 rupees and next for 50 rupees… if the share price is 75 and i want to sell 1 of the two units… the first purchased share of 100 is sold…which means i am booking loss of 25 rs… i should have a flexibility to sell the lower value share to book profit but default strategy doesn’t allow me to do so, isn’t this something frustrating and imposed? If u own share, you should have choice of which to sell

This follows FIFO method, first in first out, so that is correct. This is for accounting as end of the day your pnl will remain the same. After selling 1st share or 2nd share you will have same 75 rs in your account.

What if i want to make profit on lower value shares and hold higher value for some time? I should have choice

How it make any difference?

I get choice

That is a strange strategy. Almost looks like you are too emotionally involved and expect to get a profit on every trade!! Practically, it does not really matter “which” share you sell and which you keep. At the end of day / trading cycle, your P&L is going to be the same :slight_smile:

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seriously lolz