Delay between Funds debit and MF Units purchase -- (Not Through Coin)


On going through Mutual Fund account statement noticed that the purchase date and hence the purchase NAV of MF units through SIP mode is different from the date when funds are auto debited from the bank account. Basically, there is a delay of 2-3 days between funds debit and MF Units purchase. Anyone else have the same? How can this be corrected?


Hey, for account related queries would request you to raise a ticket at, team will have this checked.

Hi Shubh,

This is not through Coin. I have referred here to the general direct debit by AMC via NACH or as Biller from SIP registered bank account.


@ShubhS9: Can you list this topic. Is the delay for this month only due to below?,)%2C%20the%20Economic%20Times%20reported.