Delay in backtest and live signal zerodha streak

I am facing a 15-minute delay in the backtest data and live signal.

Why is it so and how can I tackle it?

@Krishnendu @Streak

Backtest signal

Live signal

Hi @harshtiss,

Are you using a 15min candle timeframe in your strategy?

Then this is not because of delay, it is because of the fact that you get a trigger at the close of the candle.


Yes, I am using 15 min candle.

How can I program the strategy at the opening of the candle?

You cannot, if you place the trade at open on the candle, that means, it is being triggered on the basis of the previous candle. So then you set the conditions accordingly and it would trigger at the close of the 2:45 PM candle i.e 3 PM

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