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For the NTPC OFS,

Rs.168 is the floor price, where floor price is the minimum price at which a buy order can be placed for the OFS. There is no discount applicable on the floor price.

The cut off price works a little differently. Tomorrow, 30 Aug 2017 is the OFS for the retail category whereas today was the OFS for the non-retail category. The cut-off price for the retail category is calculated based on the number of bids received in the non-retail category. A 5% discount is applicable if you place a buy order at the cut off price.

That is why you get an option to place a bid at floor price, cut off price or any price above the floor price that you choose. The higher the bidding price, the higher the chances of the OFS allotment.

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The cut off price is usually above the floor price but there are instances where after the application of the 5% discount on the cut-off price, it could go below the floor price.

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