Delink Aadhaar from Zerodha database

Want to delinking Aadhaar from Zerodha.
What’s the process?
@siva @nithin

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People give fingerprint scan, retina scan, GPS location to Chinese mobile companies every day happily. But don’t want to give Aadhar number to legitimate indian companies to make process better? They really don’t understand importants of Aadhar.

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People are just following supreme court’s decision. :wink:

Its not mandatory to give your fingerprints/retina scans to chinese companies , but it WAS mandatory to give to our govt.

Look like you don’t understand Aadhar and its implications well enough.

There is very little democracy left in india and you want to take that away too?.

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People give and in democracy, not all “People” give it to Chinese and other nations.
If you are happy, go ahead with both Aadhaar and China, dont force others.

We dont want to understand Importants of Aadhaar

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He might be working for fugitives indirectly


People were giving their data to Google or Chinese companies, unknowingly and/or without knowing the implications. Most are ignorant.

Our government should have worked to stop these companies from stealing the data of our citizens. It is not right for the government to join these data thieves, and attempt to cover up the aadhar data risk by saying ‘if you have no objection to give give it to the Chinese companies’ type statements. That only exposes the government having absolved it’s responsibility of protecting the citizens’ data!

It’s interesting to note that the government worked at the double on the data analytics company, when Facebook data was being used for election analysis.

While aadhar is a good thing, the implementation has been done terribly, exposing citizens’ data to risk. Maybe the whole thing would be to render aadhar useless, except for troubling the citizens to unproductive work.

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Globalisation exchanges resources for paper money & adds to income inequality, if globalisation means access to free market, data could just be another resource thats traded freely, governments & laws are distracted, blind & outdated.

Do you know who did Demonatisation?

USA meddles in almost every countries election around the world.
Whats good thing in Aadhaar?

Bank frauds, GST frauds, everything is the same, Aadhaar just opens up new window for more frauds & control, whats good there?