Linde india ltd ,under new sebi regulation has opted for delisting process before going for a triggered open offer.With many recent success in delisting be it clairs life science ,Polaris ,Infinite computers ,chances are high that this time it will have a successful d listing and if so investor should earn but please note that failure of d listing ( already failed twice ) there will be huge loss to present day buyers.


D LISTING offer open 15 /01 closes 21/01 .



Can you please give me some guidance regarding the right price for retail to offer and/or the share price target that you see by next week?

Last time the discovered price was Rs 600, where was the announced price was something like 225. The delisting failed as the minimum amount of shares were not tendered.

Looking forward to your advice


@adc : last time in 2011 things were very different (1) promoters held 89.5% so needed just 5.25% wherein today they need minimum 15%. (2) it was stand alone d listing offer wherein today it is open offer triggered based under new sebi regulations .(3) definition of discovered price is now changed and it will be only, if book is built .(4) Reliance capital trust hold close to 10% and there must have been prior negotiations with it when Linde decided to OPT for d listing first and if failed followed by mandatory open offer.
offer closes on January 21 and i may prefer to wait for giving view about likely discovered price , yes i am very confident that this time there will be a discovered price ( book built ).



Where does one apply for the delisting bids. Zerodha console does not have any link as such. Please do guide as to where to place bids


@adc @Newbie420 @nithin @Bhuvanesh @Kshiteesh_Saralaya @siva : REQUEST any zerodha representative to guide .


You can find the monthly bulletin on Buybacks, Delisting and Takeovers here along with the process on how to apply.