Delivery equity first sold and then purchased on the same day

I am a Zerodha platform user.
Say, I had an equity CNC purchased a day before yesterday of quantity X. Today I sold all X at higher price. And then again purchased more of quantity X+10 as CNC after few hours when its stock value goes down.
While purchasing it do I have pay its current price or whatever shares I sold will be simply reverted ?

@advait :(1) your purchase of day before yesterday will go to your demat as per t plus 2. (2) today you sold X quantity and bought X plus 10 quantity . so now (A) you have to pay or get difference of x quantity bought x quantity sold same day and intra day brokerage will be charges on it .(B) 10 quantity purchased extra by you will result in delivery purchase .

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Thank you for your answer.
In that way Iā€™m in loss although I sold it first before prices went down.
Is there any way to avoid such losses while repurchasing at lower price ?
Or else How can I stop automatically treating it as intraday purchase ?