Delivery stocks for short to medium term

Please guide one or two stocks for short term to medium term…

Let me know your short term defination?
1 week 2 week 1 month???

I can wait one month or 2 months also bro…

Okay, I’ll do my analysis and let you know.

Thank you…

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What I feel is that market is at all time high and Majority of Stocks hitting there 52 week high.
Valuations are also on all time high.
This is not the right time to buy for long term.

But, Yes This is the right time to do Swing Trading where you hold the stock for 1 or 2 week and Book your Profits.

Please suggest some stocks…

buy coal india ,apex frozen food,rec,cochin ship yard ,graphite india,jindal steel and power.

split the volume so that your portfolio will be disversified.

@Litan_Swain, the most attractive as per TA is REC

Graphite India is Very good one @Lakshmikanth_Jadhav sir.

China has stopped the graphite manufacturing due to pollution control initiatives.

it is used in large scale for steel industry and other metal extraction industries.

My view:

There are very few graphite manufacturer of this it can give good return in long term

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You are right Lalit, but only thing is that it has run up very fast, 100+ level in June to now 400+, already a 4x multi-bagger in 4 months.

That stock was moving with in 100 level for months but when the news came that china banned the graphite manufacturing due to high pollution level then people started to add it to there portfolio.

I think if there will be some correction in the market then it will be better to add it to the portfolio below its current value

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REC means rural electrification sir?
Can I buy at current market price?

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, REC is Rural Electrification Corporation. For a long-term trade of 1 month or more, the weeklies for REC is still in a downtrend and I would wait. However, the dailies are looking good and hence for a swing trade of a few days you can buy REC.

RECLTD delivery % 46.06 (Good % for doing BTST trade)
On chart I can see 156.50 Look Resistance for this stock it’s trying to break this Resistance and broke this level 2-3 times but not able to trade above this level and came down again.
Only Buy This RECLTD when it will Cross 156.50 And get stable above This price then only buy.