Delivery turnover report

Hey @Karthik,

I have a query regarding the exchange reports. As you might be aware, there are many EOD reports provided by the exchanges like Bhav copy, volatility file, short selling related, etc. When not all these files aren’t useful to investors like us, I got a chance to go through the Security-wise Delivery position file (DAT). This file gives information about % of stocks that are delivered to the client on a daily basis.

As an investor, I got tricked many times by looking at the market depth and demand for a particular stock. Many times, these demands are temporary and might not even last more than a day. For example, if you look at Jet Airways on 20th July 2019, the stock went up almost 120% + and this demand was only for that day. Only 3 % of the quantity traded was for delivery. So whoever is trying to invest considering the market depth/trend, there is a high chance of losing their fund invested.

So is it possible to add this to the kite? For whoever trying to analyze/understand the market, this might help a lot. Moreover, this report will play a major role when someone is planning to invest in a stock. A person can easily understand whether the demand is temporary or if it has a strong ground. Since it is an end of day report., you can think about the placement accordingly. With the help of this report, a person can wait for a day or two and invest based on the % of stock delivered.

Since am a noobie, am looking forward to your advice and your views on this.

Delivery %