Delta of Options Weekly and Monthly

Is the delta of a particular strike remains same irrespective of it being weekly or monthly ?
[For the Nifty 17200 strike, will the delta value of this strike be same for all weeklies (4 weekly expiries) and monthly(3 monthly expiries) ] ?

Short answer yes. For explanation @Sensibull pl

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No. Delta will be different based on the distance of the strike price from spot, time to expiry and IV.

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But as far as I know delta doesn’t depend on all these factors. I think you are talking about theta.

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You can observe the price change (delta) of 17200 pe for all 4 weekly expiries over the last one week to confirm my statement.

Delta values should be higher for the same strike price if the time to expiry is higher. Eventhough the distance from the ATM to the strike is same, the value by which the price of the option changes also considers the time value.

ie. options that has more time to expiry will have a time component in the premium. So a change in premium of OTM wrt change in underlying will be higher, hence delta is higher

If for any reason you see the delta is same - go ahead and do a calendar spread - it will be 100% safe strategy as there is anomaly.

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Delta and Gama would be same but other Greek (vega , theta) will be different which will influence price movement in option.

Thanks @viswaram Thats the answer I was looking for.