Demat account,poa amc,call and trade

  1. Is it mandatory to have a demat account or i can trade in future and option segment without demat account?

  2. If demat is not mandatory do i have to sign POA or not?

  3. will I be able to call and trade if i do not sign POA?

  4. Is there any amc charge or any other charges for only future and option trading?

  1. NO - You need not have a demat a/c to trade in Future and Options.

  2. I don’t know whether it is POA that we sign or not, but we definitely have to sign an Undertaking/Authorisation and Lien & Set-Off which comes along with the account a/c opening form (Zerodha’s FnO Trading Opening Form)

  3. Yes, for sure.

  4. Nope. No AMC or maintenance or demat or any other charges for Future and Options trading. Only brokerage will be deducted as per your trade.

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