Demat charges for mutual funds

I laready purchased mutual funds in coin. If i do SIP will coin charge me demat charges for very sip or only once.


No Demat charges since you are buying these through Coin.


what will be the charges in case i do following

  • STP to another MF
  • SWP of inr 1000
  • Redumption all units

No charges for any of these transactions.

Thanks @MohammedFaisal. I have another question.
I have all my Mutual funds in MFUonline with CAN. Can i map all my MF in CAN to COIN and how is the migration process.
I want to know will i get the tax-ability of the holdings from the past.

How to redeem if i hv investment through coin

Open up your portfolio on the Coin app. Here, click on the fund which you want to redeem. Once the fund page opens up, click on the context menu (round blue button) and click on ‘Redeem’

The redemption order window shows - the number of units you hold, the redemption time and you get the option to choose if you want to redeem all your units or make a partial redemption.

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Why are you migrating?