Depository participant charges when T-bills/Bonds mature

I am already aware that when stocks are sold, we are charged Rs 13.5 per scrip.
But as T-bills and Bonds come with a maturity date, what happens if we hold them till maturity(never sell them)?
Are we still charged Rs 13.5?

To play with bonds, I have bought a single unit of BLUEDART-N3 priced around Rs. 10.5.
It will mature on 20-Nov-2019 as listed on NSE website -

So please let me know will I be charged Rs 13.5 after it after it matures on 20-Nov-2019?

Hey @asif8qureshi

If you let the bond mature, DP charges will not be charged. If you sell it on the exchange, in that case DP charges will be applicable.

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