Derivative exposure based on Income tax returns for retail traders - Outcome from latest SEBI board meeting


I too agree with you, but i suspect this is just an eyewash by SEBI , normally Stock Brokers /Exchanges increase margin money , when volatility increases & on special occasions


@TIMEFRAME Am not sure I understand ur point about it being an “eyewash”


Not in the net yet even after demonetisation…something wrong with the systems :slight_smile:


My point was that , i think SEBI don’t want to be seen as friendly to Big Players( In reality SEBI is for Big players ) , so they are talking " concentration -margins , in fact concentration margin is not going to hurt big players and that concentration margin is already exists in a different way , so its an eyewash by SEBI


Doesn’t apply to retail guys.
As stated in the article & below this is for traders who account for a significant % of OI for a contract. Retail guys rarely have such ₹

“Simply put, a concentration margin would be levied on individuals and institutions whose exposure account for a major chunk of the total exposure in that respective equity or commodity derivative contract.”


Like I said, this is different from previous rule & unrelated to retail traders

What exactly happens remains to be seen. Hope it works out in a good way for all retailers. Especially


Dear sir

Any updates or news info on this that you rcvd?

Pl keep us updated.
Much appreciated!!


Please do not complain friends. Finally #acchedin are here! :joy::joy:


But seriously start a petition and shoot as many emails and tweets as you can. Let’s hope some intelligent person understands.


This means Sebi does think that derivatives trading is made for gambling mentality…
Sebi wants modest gambling not blind fortune losing gambling😁
Very many completely developed countries not even have gambling legal but they have bitcoin atms…


Are bhai SEBI…if you are really interested in good interest of RETAILERS then bring out a rule saying if any retailers make a loss of 3 lacs or 4 lacs or 5 lacs in a FY will be debarred from trading in any segment…BTW take action against the group of companies who sell their paid calls to retailers…the ones from INDORE - M.P…OR else the BIG fishes have taken enough HIT themselves from some smart retailers (full timers) who are making money consistently from the FnO segment…IF retailers dont lose money where are the BIG fishes going to make money ??? will they play among themselves…the biggest beneficiary of this whole CONSPIRACY will be MUTUAL FUNDS…pull retailers money earn consistent DIVIDENDS and at the end of lock-in period returns the retailers money whether in loss or profit who cares


The BIG fishes have been beaten in their own game (by smart retailers) it seems…why would SEBI bother for the Retail investors…no way…never…


This move if implemented will harm the STT and CTT revenues of the government. So, it may not receive support from the government.



No worries, the govt will increase STT and CTT to compensate.

Mr. Finance minister will increase the STT and CTT next budget for sure.

More taxes , more acche din for the govt.


This is something different and has already been in place for a few months now. Specific clients who have significant portion of open interest, have been asked to bring in more margins than the minimum SPAN+exposure.


@nitin when can we expect some clarity on this?


@nithin what do you think about such move by SEBI?? ( Just curious ).


feeling low after reading this news, how i am going to recover my loss now?


I don’t think SEBI will listen to us, they listening to someone else’s commands, thanks to this government they have created more educated jobless than others.Dirst they have increased the lot size to save retail investor then this.


SEBI is doing everything in the name of babysitting of retail investors first increasing the lot sizes and now exposure, thus creating more jobless educated Indians.