Derivatives segments

Why do I need to submit my income proof on zerodha to enable nfo ?

I am 18years and of course :joy:don’t have any stable income yet :grimacing: so , how do I enable nfo ?

It is regulatory requirement to submit Income Proof before activating Derivatives segment.

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Don’t have stable income but want to gamble in derivatives? Dude, why don’t you stick to MF or something and trade options when maybe you some hair on your chest?

Don’t say learning and shit.


Wow :joy: okay
Btw bro sry but please can u explain how’s it gambling ?
Just curious .
Thank u for the reply tho

As much as I agree with you, there is no data point to prove that 25yo or 30yo make money and not 18yo. Whenever someone starts, he/she is going to make mistakes, blow up and all that stuff. It is the typical trader lifecycle that each one goes through which includes successful traders as well as those who lose and leave the profession.

Atleast this 18yo will start early and be done with the learning curve far ahead than others. I wish these discount brokers and all the infrastructure that exists today for retail traders to trade existed when I was 18yo. I would have been financially independent much early, and not slog all of my 20’s to find my edge in markets when my peers were enjoying bachelorhood.

*First get your parents consent, and start small. Try to learn as much as possible. Zerodha varsity would be a good start. The forum on forexfactory is great as well.
*Paper trade and backtest before you play with real money.
*Trade small
*Don’t take your academics and career for granted.


Thank u bro
Appreciate it :blush:

I strongly suggest you to go through Varsity training material by Zerodha first. That gives you at least 10 years experience.

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Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

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