Desktop Trading Platform in Zerodha

Zerodha of late is only making minor adjustments on Kite. Any plans for upgrading PI or giving an alternative. WE have to move to competition only to trade using Dartstock. PI till a couple of years back was stable but has been royally snubbed by Zerodha. Atleast tie up with some outside service provider like you have done with sensibull and streak. Interested people will pay for it but atleast provide an option for desktop trading. Even with kite, there is a problem with TV charts since they are customizable only with templates and have to be loaded everytime. Atleast make it like Chart IQ. Kindly make the chart trading experience better. Thanks

In my opinion, zerodha is not interested in making any desktop platform. Even the kite is not up to the mark in competition, espresso by sharekhan has good trading platform then kite nowadays. Kite doesn’t have simple tools like a gainer/loser screener but claims to be the best in industry, how? Still i am thinking​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Unlisted because there are already multiple threads on this.
We don’t have any plans to build one desktop application.
Coming to TV charts we just use their charting library and is not inhouse so we can’t change it from our end but we have given request to TV on changing in their next release.

Precisely, being No. 1 has its own limitations. you start taking your position for granted and stop working for betterment. Today they feel they have all bases covered. Spoke to atleast two charters, who are chasing zerodha for enabling trading from their terminals but …ZERODHA is not budging. Anyways, since we have been here for long, we have to continue our portfolio here only.