Dhfl ce 600 28mar expiry-in ban period

Hi, I purchased dhfl call (expiry 28th March) and now it is in ban period. What are my options?? Please guide me! Thanks.

Check this post

Dhfl is in ban period for last 10 days.
How long will this ban period last? From Where to get this information?

Check Open interest everyday in NSE reports

Hey @Shivam_Gupta,

For any security, if its derivative contracts cross 95% of Market wide position limits (MWPL) then that security will be under the ban for F&O.

It means the combined open interest [the number of contracts outstanding in futures and options trading on an official exchange at any one time.] of all option and future contracts for all the months taken together for that particular underlying crosses 95% of MWPL.

So until the combined OI is below 95% the security will be in BAN.