Diamonds & other precious stones as an investment?

when considering investments in physical diamonds .

  1. besides the storage security , what other points should investor take care ?

  2. how to track the market value of your investments ?

  3. how to get historical data for diamond & other precious stone prices ?

  1. Genuinity of the diamond, appropriate certificates

  2. The only way is to approach multiple sellers which will help you determine the market value

  3. I’m not sure historical rates will be available. Precious stones don’t form part of the regulated market, so the value you see may not be the value someone else sees and hence the rates may vary.

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I buy gold from bullion traders dealers. They give the best price .
But how and where do i buy sell diamonds and precious stones ?

With diamond traders :slight_smile:

A diamond may not be that good of an investment due to its opaque nature. I would bet on Gold and that would be my choice of investment. Apart from that useful and precious metals should do better than precious or semi-precious stones.