Did anyone actually make profits while using streak?

The problem is that signals are getting skipped in real and paper trading.

Buys and sell sígnal are getting skipped in ream and paper trading there is no issue with the strategy.

I check Oder log and found that I got very less almost wrong alert in comparison to the backrest of the same .

My stop loss is O.5% and target profit is 2%.

It’s was working fine till November 2020, January 2021 onwards i facing this issue .

It’s seems like there is high latency in your server/system because of which signals are skipped.

The system will not send a new entry alert before any open position it has exited. So if the trades are happening at significantly different prices which might not be existing at the same time in backtesting, then the next signals can differ if it should have come immediately in the following candle.
Also, do look at the backtest results and see how many trades are of that kind, and is it like back-to-back entry and exit like random scalping or there is some significant gap b/w the two trades. Also you can try to increase the time frame in backtest to see how the trades change.

Another thing to look at is the scrip you are trading, has its ATR increased from what it was in November. Hopefully, the SL and TP you have mentioned are not being used for in derivative contracts.

This looks like a special case, and we can look into this, as fundamentally we have not changed anything from the previous year, but the market’s volatility has changed which might be causing you to see the difference in behavior. If you can write to [email protected] we can have a better look into your case with the logs.

As the latency has been reduced in comparison to before whereas the market volatilities have increased causing higher slippages.
We have also released Limit orders with buffer settings so that you can control the slippage but if the order is pending for a long time then the next signals seen in the backtest might not get generated as there is already a open order.

Signals will only be skipped if the position is still open and there is enough strategy cycle left, and for no other reason, you can check that and reach us at [email protected].

Based on your other post, from your own screenshot here you have not acted on the notification for hours so no alert came till you acted on it.

i’m from software industry & i feel it’s really difficult to build a highly accurate backtest system…few years back i was using amibroker but could see that it failed…i’ve built my strategy using manual backtest in excel formula which gives more accurate results & you can get more confidence rather than using any tool. the live tests are very important to validate your backtest.

it doesnt support safari browser , very strange !! , I been trying since last one year , whenever i press analyze it shows it doesnt support safari open in chrome . I wonder why chrome gets lots of preference & attention over any other browser feels like i should complain to anti competition committee .

Yup ! Better than my manual trading.

There are certain conditions which you need to be aware of.

  1. Streak (or any algo platform) is just a machine making just one part of the whole (like the robot arm in a car mfg, it does not make the whole car).

The expectation from an algo is that of an AI while it is just one arm with some sense (not AI). So tone down your expectations accordingly.

  1. Market is supreme and is out there to screw you. No algo can protect you. Market figures out my algo in few months and then I have to tweak it.

  2. With the present way the algo platforms are setup, they do not support more than three conditions. Untill two conditions it works well in paper trade as well as live, with three it works well in paper but sometimes misses real trades. For more than three conditions, it gives funny results even in backtesting.
    I guess the issue here is I am not able to understand how the algo logic works against the logic that I have in mind. So, with more conditions, my internal logic gets complex and my understanding of algo’s logic gets murky… so the gap.

Overall I am ok with this, however, would wish to have improvement (e.g. Tradetron gives excellent features for coding but the issue of signals getting fired correctly is still there.)… so I think is Streak is still the better option here untill now.

Forget about generating profits, the backtesting results are not consistent, navigating existing strategies and sorting them by various options gives you different lists at different times (you can see this funny thing yourself) and the worst part is backtesting results are not matching with the actual charts with respect to their timing and prices - total rip of money at this stage - hope it gets better in all aspects then start selling the plans to retailers - total waste of money - please do not waste buying any plan…

Hi @hareesh369

Can you share your strategy link for this?

You cannot match a backtest price with an actual price at which your orders gets executed. Backtest trade prices are always based on certain assumptions and not on the basis of actual trades. Otherwise, it would not be called a backtest. You can refer to the assumptions considered in Streak here:

As regards to the timing difference, there is no actual difference since in charts, you refer to the Open time of the trigger candle and in live market, execution takes place after the same trigger candle closes. This is already accounted for and hence Streak considers the trade price as the Open price of the next candle. This has been elaborately here:

Hope this gives a better clarification.

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Totally agreed !

Agree with you…


Since you are not comfortable sharing your link here. You can write to [email protected] with your strategy share link and the log details and the support team will help you with this.

Most new users fail to consider slippage and biases while creating strategies and use functions like Multi-timeframe and illogical indicator parameters without understanding their effects. In any practical and sensible strategy stop loss >> slippage.

A backtest is a mathematical recreation of ideal scenarios and cannot factor all the unpredictable nature and noise of the markets, so backtest result and the backtested strategy both should make logical sense to work.

Streak is a platform for strategy creation and not a magic genie lamp that makes your money. Your strategy makes money. Streak helps you in backtesting and validating the idea while saving time and effort required to manually complete the same process. If anyone’s strategy is good they will make money using Streak. If not, the risk management parameters can help. The utility of any tool depends on its user.

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You are complaining like those who buy guitar and expect to become master of in a month, trading is even harder.
I have been using Streak for more than 3yrs now, also create a plugin which i gave away for free to help people, as i was comfortably making good returns using streak with my strategies.

You need to ask how much have do you actually understand about markets and have to even watched their webinars which explain common pitfalls and right ways to make strategies. I think you should join their telegram channel here, it will not only show you others who have learned and how well they are doing, but help you understand concepts much clearly. Remember trading is a zero-sum game, if you make money someone else is losing it, so to win you have to outsmart others, and how do expect to do that without understanding the finer details.

Thanks for your time reading this pane (should I say pain) and thanks for sharing the Telegram link that Streak failed to share for their new customers ! Good to see Streak is helpful for someone at least and bad to see most of the people on the channel are experiencing issues and inconsistencies in backtests so I am not alone !

Good on you Navin,happy for you for the fact that Streak is useful for you !

Dear @hareesh369
We from the support team have already tried to reach you twice to which you have disconnected the calls and have written back saying not to call you. In this forum you are misrepresenting facts claiming that there were no phone numbers and no one to contact. Out support email ID has been the same , you should check your email responses or answers our calls or specific the time that we can reach out to you by sending us an email.

Let us also address your email , you have written that Streak backtests are not based on real data. This is not true. Our backtests are based on actual historical, whether it is Stocks or FnO or Currency future or MCX.
Streak users methodology that is public and has been discussed in our blogs. This is how long term traders who have experience in stock markets trade, we have inculcated those methodology in our platform.
To be more specific, the entry price is the Open price of the Next candle, which any trader will understand, which the team has been trying to help you understand.

You can reply to the support email ([email protected]) with your contact number and a time so that we can reach you and help you understand how to use the platform.

Yes this is true and no incoming calls please - I repeat.

No, this is fact and there is no phone number on your website to contact information such as email address or phone number because you want to respond at your discretion ? Even if you are logged in, you can’t email or log a ticket or contact directly if any issues - correct me if I am wrong here.

I said the backtests are not based on real data because Krishnendu from Streak said " You cannot match a backtest price with an actual price at which your orders gets executed. Backtest trade prices are always based on certain assumptions and not on the basis of actual trades." and on the basis of the information here in the link - Backtest - Streak Help

When you say ‘assumptions’ and ‘cannot match a backtest price with an actual price’ it can be clearly deduced that the backtests are not based on real data, because of which users experience repeated inconsistencies, errors and inaccurate results. Right information and feedback are highly appreciated. Thanks

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The basic premise of Streak (the way i understand it) is
to enable one to experiment/validate various ideas/hypothetical scenarios…

  • without actually risking one’s capital.
  • without the need to wait long periods.

Surely, one cannot expect to model all the "what-if"s perfectly.
There will be some simplifying assumptions in all such simulation tools.
(that one needs to be conscious about when using such tools).

For example, a significant volume of trades generated by the strategy being backtested would affect the stock price. Pretty sure Streak does NOT model this effect (instead uses the historical prices as-is).

The fact that Streak uses some data from the actual market in the past,
does NOT make it any better tool at predicting the future.

@hareesh369 ultimately, it boils down to this, right?

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results.

It seems that you initially assumed Streak to be a lot more powerful tool than it actually is.

  • Whether that is due to Streak’s self-promotions / documentation, or your own misunderstanding,
  • and what can be done about it now,

i will leave it to you and @Streak to decide.

Very sensible and meaningful ! Much appreciated…

By the way, your 6 part series is simply mind-blowing…

All backtester engines comes with limitations be it streak, tradingview, amibroker, metatrader etc. One needs to appreciate and account for this while interpreting results.

If you are backtesting keep these points in mind - Connecting Dots With A Backtester