Did Google Outage affect Kite user logins too?

As we all know there was a global Google outage yesterday for almost an hour. No Google service was available during then. I didn’t attempt logging into my Kite account but now I am curious to know if the said Google outage affected Kite user logins also? Because the 2FA requires TOPT generated by Google Authenticator.
If yes, how can one be prepared for such outages in the future?

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By going back to HDFC Securities

This should not affect our kite login.

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Using Google Authenticator for TOTP generation isn’t mandatory. I personally use Authy for Zerodha’s TOTP. The support page about it also mentions other apps that can be used for TOTP generation

Also, on Google Authenticator’s Play Store page, the following is mentioned -

*Generate verification codes without a data connection

Google Authenticator doesn’t use Google services for generating its codes.

Also found a conversation on Twitter around the time of the outage yesterday where a person confirmed that Google Authenticator had continued to operate during it.


But still, Kite was unable to login yesterday evening for some time. Don’t know why. First, password was showing wrong and a captcha based login page was showing instead of PIN. May be testing of new captcha based login page was under trial. and was just a coincidence of time. Zerodha team may be better placed to answer.

No issue from our side, if any twitter would have a blast with tweets.

It was there indeed and had raised this issue momentorily in a new thread too yesterday but withdrawn after issue got resolved.