Did my investment beat market returns/MF returns/inflation?

Back Office or Kite does not seems to display my investment performance till date.

Quant did/does not solve the purpose.

all i want to know is this:
by handpicking stocks/timing over these many years and moving money in and out of my account - how much return did i generate?
with over hundred stocks in my holding and a few churns, i cannot manually do this in Excel.

what you did with the 60 day challenge was good. But over a longer period of time, i’d like to know if the facts prove that iam better at investing in stocks?


What you need is the equity curve - All money transferred in, All money transferred out, Current value of holdings and positions. This can be plotted as 1 point per day, per week, per month, per year, or whatever you wish. We are planning to soon have this available. What you can do for now is, maybe pull the ledger for all the years, get money transferred in, money withdrawn, and current value of all holdings. You should be able to do this quite easily.

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so, let’s say i have 3 years of data with money churn and stock churns. I’ve gone blank now…abotu what to do next.

may be this would be my weekend activity.

Total money in = all money transferred - all money withdrawn + any stocks that was transferred in using DIS - value of any stock transferred out using DIS

Current value = Current free balance + current value of your stocks + any margin blocked for F&O + any premium value of options bought - premium value of options shorted.

Whatever current value > Total money in is your net return.


thank you @nithin for the detailed reply.