Did zerodha start lending money?

I came to know from my friend that zerodha started lending money. Should I be worried about it?
What would happen in case there is a market crash and we know zerodha has a very large number of active customers. Lent amount could have been in tens of thousands of crores. Will my funds be used to pay that amount if zerodha fails to cover the losses due to crash.
Please bear with me but, the large size of zero made me think so. I am really worried that nbfc business is connected to zerodha directly in any way.

Can anyone from zerodha answer this?

As far as I know, the broking and lending services are carried out by different entities. The broking services are carried out through Zerodha Broking Limited and Zerodha Commodities Private Limited whereas lending is done through Zerodha Capital Private Limited.

You can always access the companies’ financial statements from the portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, to verify for yourself the solvency of the said businesses.

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