Difference between 1st three candles HIGH & LOW

I am new to Streak and wish to create the following strategy:

Intraday strategy with 15 minute candle between 9:00 AM and 3:20 PM.
BUY when difference between HIGH of first 3 candles and LOW of first 3 candles is greater than 5 AND breakout above HIGH of first 3 candles for the day with STOP LOSS at LOW of first 3 candles. TP being 2%.

I can derive first 3 candles HIGH as [Opening Range (High, 45 min) and similarly Opening Range (Low, 45 min). However, how to I evaluate difference between these two values?


Hi @skdommeti,

Currently you cannot create this strategy since math operator has not yet been added to the Create page. However, we are currently working on adding math operators and functions in Create page and it will be released soon.

You can implement this in the Streak scanner.

How soon? Any release date announced?


We will not be able to provide a date for release. This is currently being worked upon and the update should be available very soon. We appreciate your patience.