Difference between Delivery vs Futures Swing trading?

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Could anybody Tell the difference between, Delivery/cash market swing trading VS Futures Swing trading? IMO , I’m thinking both swing or the same but in future, we have to sell before the time…Correct me if I’m wrong and please let me know if any more difference is there.

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Equity Swing trading or Delivery/cash market swing trading is just buying a stock and selling it after a few days or weeks(no time limitations). You won’t be able to sell a stock first and buy the stock after few days or weeks in Equity swing trading in Zerodha.(Only allowed in Intraday)

Futures trading is mostly swing trading as traders usually offset their positions after few days or weeks, it’s not necessary to hold the position till expiry. Unlike equity swing trading, you can take either of the positions(sell or buy) in Futures contracts and offset them on or before expiry. It’s a little risky as time and margin factors are included.

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thanks @Himalay_Sharma :slight_smile: