Difference between 'funds balance' and 'securities balance'?

I am receiving an SMS from broker saying my ‘funds balance’ is so and so and my ‘securities balance’ is so and so. WHat is the difference between ‘funds balance’ and ‘securities balance’?

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FUND balance means cash available and Securities balance means SHARES available .this is my understanding.

i don’t think this is correct. i have shares as holding but my securities balance is showing nil. @nithin can you or a member from your team clarify please. thx

Explained here

no part of VM1’s answer is telling the difference between Funds balance and securities balance. Or if you think it is could you highlight the portion. thx

The email/SMS that you’ve received informs you of the available balance as on 31st July 2017.

The balance of Equity shown here is the quantity of shares that actually belong to the client but are held in the broker’s beneficiary account for whatsoever reason. This could be when a broker is into providing margin for purchasing delivery shares, in such cases, although the stock belongs to the client, it’s held in the broker’s beneficiary account because it’s financed by the broker. Since Zerodha is still not into margin funding, the stock balance will show 0.

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