Difference between manually exiting a position and when it exits on stoploss

Hello guys I am a newbie here and it’s my day2 on the kite terminal and I had a question.

Is there any difference if we exit intraday position manually from orderbook and when it exits on achieving the target or stoploss?

Hi @newguy
Setting up Stoploss (SL) or Target(TGT) is a good sign of trader. This enhances you risk reward ratio and answer to your question, that there is no difference if your position squares off by hitting SL or TGT or if you are squaring it off manually, but when you set SL or TGT they are the new orders and when you keep SL or TGT and if you square off the position manually make sure you cancel the pending orders as system takes those order as new order so when you exit manually cancel SL or TGT so that if market reaches to any of the side SL or TGT it wont be executed as new order.

if you want to avoid this you can use BRACKET ORDER (BO) OR COVER ORDER (CO) you can watch the video and learn how to use BO and CO . HAPPY TRADING :slightly_smiling_face:.