Difference between Pi Bridge and Kite Connect


What is the difference between using Pi Bridge and using Kite Connect? From what I understand is that Pi Bridge is used to send alerts in Pi, whereas using Kite Connect we can directly trigger orders, am I right? Is Kite Connect fully automatic trading system?

Chirag Keswani


You may refer the below discussions to get clear about Kite Connect and PiBridge.


Thanks a lot @HowUTrade. This clarifies a lot. Just a quick query, can Pi bridge be used with Google sheets?


Technically everything is possible.
You cannot connect PiBridge from google sheets directly.
You need to setup a server and receive order details from Google Spreadsheets and pass that to PiBridge on the Server in turn PiBridge will pass that details to Pi as Alerts.

Instead, You can use Excel Sheet in Local PC/Laptop.Is there any specific reason to use Google Spreadsheets…?


For getting data I am using GoogleFinance function which is available in Google Sheets. Don’t know how I get it in Excel.


You can use Link to Excel Feature of Pi…
This will give you real time quotes that is 10x faster than what you get in Google Spreadsheets.
and available for all segments/exchanges.

Thanks for that suggestion, but I have already tried that. The limitation here is that I can load only 50 stocks per market watch. I want all F&O stocks, for which I have to create 5 different MW and corresponding 5 different excels. Also, I do not get historical data. Is there a solution here?

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