Difference between the ATR Trail Stop indicator and Supertrend?


How different is the ATR Trail Stop indicator from Supertrend?

I understand that both indicators measure volatility and give entry/exit signals. While I try to plot them on Kite (on chartIQ) both seem to give identical entry/exit/reversal signals for similar values for period and multiplier.

Are the calculations/formulae for ATR Trail Stop Indicator and Supertrend Indicator, similar? (They seem to use similar variables, Period and Multiplier. But default settings are different- 21,3 for ATR and 7,3 for Supertrend)

I checked the new TradingView charts on Kite, it doesn’t show ATR indicator, only Supertrend is available. I use ATR Trail Stop Indicator on ChartIQ.

Can Supertrend be substituted for ATR Trail Stop, if the latter isn’t available on charts?