Difference in charts

is any one facing problems in pi charting ? some candles re missing in pi it seems.

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Check this

Remove that chart select that script in market watch press ctrl r it will reconcile the chart data and then open again.

@KarthikNarayan it is happening repeatedly . I did contact the zerodha support and they told the same solution of ctrl + r butit doesnot work. i even changed my system thinking it was a machine problem. But it is happening again seems an issue with pi. And seems that it’s not only me others facing similar issues too so it’s not a problem in my sustem.

Yeah it is an issue with pi, so use kite if u can sacrifice quick order, or elz u have to repeat ctrl r , delete and plot new chart until u get what u want, I had this problem only with the early morning chart, ie the first candle then later I used to re plot the chart and had no issue until the next day, try changing time frames that may also help, say u use 15 Minutes change it to 5 and then back again to 15.

exactly you are correct it mostly happens with early morning candles. hope there will be a solution for this soon.

The problem is you do not realize the candle is missing unless you are following the stock very closely. Encountering same issue in both kite and pi. But removing scrip, CTRL+ R and readding does bring back the bar.
But you need to know it is missing!

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u can check the time frame of the charts to make sure its missing.

the fact is there is a problem in the pi or kite system. For few days we ofcourse crosscheck the charts but not for a long term basis. the platform looses reliability in that case.

yes, but i dunno why they are unable to fix such a primitive issue. i have been reporting this since a year or so.

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