Difference in Premium increase for Dec 12000 and 13000 PE

I hold DEC 12000 PE and DEC 13000 PE, both have same expiry date of 30th Dec 2021 and today DEC 12000 PE rose by almost 16% in price while DEC 13000 PE rose by just 14%

Trying to understand the reasons behind this difference. Since both of them have the same underlying (NIFTY Index) and same expiry date and all other greeks remain the same other than strike price, shouldnt DEC 13000 PE rise by a lot more compared to DEC 12000 PE?

Is it just cause of lack of liquidity in these contracts and hence price discovery is not in tandum?

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You need to study the greeks for that.
My understanding is that although OTM options had a more increase pecentage , the absolute value of the premium change will always be more in the ‘nearer’ OTM options.
Here is a screenshot of yesterdays NIFTY option chain.

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