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What’s your view on tamil movie “Mersal”? Should it be censored?

Let us better Ignore politics in this Forum and keep it professional

People who are not doing business are talking about GST negatively.

GST is freedom for Genuine Businesses Death warrant for those doing in Cash.

Hope you will understand why so much negativity about GST


Economy cannot be separated from politics, discussing pros of about GST, we as a citizen of a democratic country should also discuss about cons of it (if it is there). So if somebody is talking about negatives of GST we should listen to them.

even before Govt. reviews performance of GST for at least two quarters People are presenting results of GST. that is called Freedom of Expression.

Will you judge your performance within two weeks of Trading ?

Even More pathetic is people ( read celebrities ) who do not know anything about taxation are talking about GST.

These Indian Celebrities were responsible for the damage to the extent of Rs. 5000 Crores each in Tamilnadu and Karnataka on the issue of Kaveri Water by flaring up issues.
no one will talk about these real loss to the common public and businesses. They raise issue for their convenience. the same people supported DEMO and now Opposing it.

So we don’t need to waste our time talking about those selfish people. We can talk about GST but not talk about those who are making baseless comments for their only selfish goals.


Correct : what is your view about GST

Incorrect : What is your view about views expressed by some celebrities

let us not discuss about views are others we can directly discuss the Original issues.

You are welcome to bring to the notice of public or Govt about issues related to GST.

Note : I am filing GST returns for both my Personal and my Company. Have Two GST registrations. Not faced any issue.

Reluctance to change is personal Destruction, you can not blame anyone for this. Think of the products which became obsolete and their manufacturers plight now.

All the State Govt. Accepted GST and also refused to include Petrol and Diesel in GST. Why Blame Modi for everything ?


Because Modi takes the credit of everything. So if everything is done by modi, then the blames should be taken by him too :joy: